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Question: How does it work?
For new bidders who are unfamiliar with the process, we have included these simple steps to help you better understand how the auction works.

We list Auctions up for several different locations. Previews and pickups are available only at the location the Auction is set at.

The Items will be listed online and will have designated preview times when you are able to visit the auction site and view every item available at that auction.

All items are “AS IS”: The items sold are all sold “as is” and we strongly encourage customers to inspect the items they are interested in. You can open the box, check the condition, and see anything else that may help you with your bid. We do not provide credit or refunds. If you are not sure about an item, please feel free to call us if you can’t make it in to preview or, don’t bid on it. You can visit our site on your mobile device if you’d like to make a bid while at the location.

Bidding: On our website, in the auction item pages, there will be a field for current bid and another for your max bid (will automatically enter the next bid up to this limit if you are outbid on an item) and you will see what is necessary to add for the next bid.

Here is how we calculate the current price if the winning bid is a max bid…  We take the best bid placed by another bidder and add 1 increment.  If that sum is greater than the max bid the current price is the max bid amount.

Here are a few examples (assume a $5 increment)

Example 1.  Raising the max bid DOES NOT change the price:
Bidder A is winning with a max bid of $50.  The best bid placed by bidder B is $40.  The current price is $40 + $5 = $45.  Bidder A raises their max to $60.  The current price doesn’t change.  The best bid placed by bidder B is $40.  The current price is $40 + $5 = $45.

Example 2.  Raising the max bid DOES change the price:
Bidder A is winning with a max bid of $50.  The best bid placed by bidder B is $48.  The current price is $50 since the sum of $48 and $5 is greater than the max bid.  Bidder A raises their max to $60.  The current price changes.  The best bid placed by bidder B is $48.  The current price is $48 + $5 = $53. We want to be fair to all bidders and NEVER reveal whether or not there is a max bid placed on an item.

Submitting bids: Be sure to click through the links and “Submit Bids” These bids will all be tracked for you and can be reviewed at the bottom of each auction listing page marked “Review Bids”, even after you have been outbid on an item.

Auction closing: At the close time for each auction, items will end in increments to let you catch the end of multiple items and the close time will extend an additional 4 minutes whenever a bid is input near the close time. For example, If an item is scheduled to end at 12:00 and a bid is entered at 11:58, Listing extends and closes at 12:04, unless another bid is entered.

Invoices: After all items on the auction have ended, you will be automatically sent an invoice with all the items you had the winning bid on. You will be automatically charged for the balance due to the Credit Card you entered during registration. Any applicable sales tax and buyer’s premium will be added to invoice.

Pickup: Pickup dates and hours will also be stated for each individual auction and are generally the next two days after the auction end date. These dates are set so we have the staff on hand to assist with pickups. This information will be displayed on your invoice as well.

Appointments: Any order being collected on any day other than the designated auction pickup dates, will be by appointment only and have to be authorized by our auction site manager.

Most other questions can be answered on our FAQ Page, but if there is anything that is not mentioned please feel free to contact us at or call us at 818.406.2663.

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