Setting up your auction

Getting started: Well it’s easier than you think to have your own auction hosted on our site. The first question people ask is: What’s the fee? Our fee is 15% of your bid total.

We would first need to see a few group photos of the merchandise that you’re selling to be sure that it’s something that will do well for you in an auction.

We prefer to list items that have a value of $5-10 for example, if you have a bunch of small items, we don’t allow 100 listings of the same $2.00 item. We suggested listing bulk, as a bulk item. for example, maybe 2 lots of 50 or 4 lots of 25. We do not allow repeat listings over 5 times (unless it is a popular item) generally repeating item listings isn’t appreciated by bidders, based on feedback received. (please remember this when putting together your auction lots, you will save yourself some time).

The auction will be at your location so, it’s important that if we hold an auction for you, that you have 1 day or 2 available for bidders to come by and preview the merchandise to take measurements, get a better visual, etc..

All you need to do is take photos of each of your items with a numbered label on the item – 1 through 700 if that’s how many items you have. (please be sure to take well lit, well focused photos, numbered label must be visible in the photo * this is very important) all photos must be numbered accordingly (5.jpg, 10.jpg, 100.jpg, etc..) you may take additional photos of the same item but they must be numbered accordingly (5a.jpg, 5b.jpg, 5c.jpg, etc..)

Using an excel spreadsheet template (click here to download), you’ll type up a description detailed to your liking for each item on the numbered row that corresponds to the item number  you are describing. Please note: Your photos must be numbered to match it’s corresponding row number in your descriptions (1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg.. etc..)

Auction date:
Once your done with all photos and descriptions, you’ll send them to us using from there, we will upload your auction & decide with you when the best start/end dates would be (auctions last from 5 – 10 days), as well as pick-up times. Once we’ve agreed on schedule for your auction, we will send you our sellers agreement with your auction details on it.

Before we launch your auction, we’ll send you the draft & allow you to make any final changes. You may apply reserves on some items if you wish but we don’t recommend having too many items with reserves on them. Bidders tend to lose interest in those especially if it’s a sentimental value.

When the auction ends, Bulldog Auctionz takes 15% of the bid total. There is a 12% buyers premium for our bidders and the tax rate that applies to your address. We advertise the auction for you on 4 different platforms as well as within our 3,000 bidder base. (we take 50% if WE do all the photos, descriptions and handle pick-ups)

The end:
Following the end of the auction, we’ll email you the invoices and you and/or your associates will handle all customers coming to pick-up their merchandise. Most will all be pre-paid through our system. We always give bidders 2 days to pick-up, usually around 9-3 but whatever works for you as long as it’s reasonable. You will be sure to have all bidders sign the invoices we provide to you once they’ve accepted their items and you will return the invoices to us when pick-ups are complete. We should have a check for you within 7 days following the auction end. Usually 1 or 2 but, just in case.

We will need the following to set up your auction.

A title for your auction: (for example): Camarillo – Home appliances, kitchenware, toys, electronics & more!

Dates: We will also need your start/end dates and preview dates/times. We usually request that provide 2 days for previewing for our bidders.

An auction description: (for example):  Home essentials, Toys, Clothing and LOTS MORE! almost ALL NEW WITH TAGS and LOTS of make-up!  Perfect for resellers or those who love target clothing and products.  This is an external auction, all sales are final.  Auction contact: Alex XXX-XXX-XXXX. (We will also need the address of the auction location)

Photos: Photos of each of your items with a clear numbered label in each photo. We will need the photos to be numbered 1 to 800 (or however many items you have) (for example) 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so on. You may take additional photos if you’d like to show different angle of a large item. All additional photos should be numbered in this way: 1a.jpg, 1b.jpg, 1c.jpg.. Photos must all be in order and match the description for that number in the description template we provide for you. Please let us know which 5 photos you would like us to use as the key photos for your auction when advertising.

Descriptions: Using a spreadsheet that we will provide, this is where you’ll type out all your descriptions, in detail with measurements, weights, and to the best of your knowledge, working condition and authenticity.

Please note, we do NOT allow duplicate listings over 5 times. Please consider listing in lots if you have a lot of the same item. We will have to delete listings that appear over 5 times.

Once you have all this complete, you will send all materials to us via Once we’ve received everything, we will review and prep your auction for review. If everything is as it should be according to our terms and everything looks good to you, we go live! Your auction will last from 5 – 7 days. On the last day, another reminder email will go out announcing your auction coming to a close. You will receive invoices for your auction the following morning and, bidders will be arriving that day to pick up their items. You will be sure everyone gets what is on their invoice & you will be sure to have each bidder sign your copy of their invoice before they leave with their merchandise.

Payment: You will receive your check within 7 days from when we receive all signed invoices.

Auction Terms:

• Auctioneer (Bulldog Auction House) hereby agrees to use his professional skill, knowledge and experience to the best advantage of both parties in preparing for and conducting the sale. Seller agrees to not interfere with, prevent or prohibit Auctioneer in any manner prior to or during auction from carrying out his duties and obligations of this agreement. Seller, nor sellers friends or associates will NOT participate in the bidding of their auction to increase bid amounts or to rescue items from a low bid. This will result in an immediate cancellation of your auction and prohibit you from future auctions with Bulldog Auction House. ANY bids placed by sellers despite this policy will NOT be refunded or credited. We recommend all sales start at $1.00 but seller may start bidding at an appropriate amount in the form of a “reserve” if needed.”
• Auctioneer shall receive as compensation for promoting, advertising and conducting said auction sale a 15% of the collected bid total along with area taxes and standard auction 12% premium which is added as a tax (not deducted from the principle).
• Auctioneer will review all items before publishing auction and reserves the right to remove any listed items, from any auction, at any time. Auctioneer reserves the right to remove/cancel any auction for any reason at any time.
• Seller agrees to deliver all original signed invoices and records of cash collected during pick-ups prior to receiving proceeds check.
• Auctioneer agrees to turn over net proceeds from auction to Seller within 7 days of the first Monday following the last pick-up day of auction or, from the day Auctioneer receives signed invoices and cash (if applicable) from Seller. If signed invoices are not returned to Bulldog Auction House, auction proceeds will be held for 90 days.
• It is agreed that all goods will be sold to the highest bidder. No item shall be sold or withdrawn from the sale prior to the auction closing except by mutual agreement between Seller and Auctioneer. If an item is sold or withdrawn prior to auction completion, Auctioneer shall receive full commission on the item. Auctioneer shall receive full commission on any item withdrawn from sale or transferred or sold within 60 days after the auction.”
• Seller warrants and represents that he has good title and the right to sell and will deliver merchantable title to the herein described property to purchasers, that said goods are free of all claims, encumbrances or indebtedness and that said property can be auctioned without violation of any federal, state or other regulations. Seller agrees to hold harmless Auctioneer against any claims of the nature referred to in this contract.”
• Seller accepts all responsibilities surrounding customer disputes regarding merchandise, pick-ups, and refunds (if applicable) following the last day of auction pickup. Bulldog Auction House will advertise (where participating bidders are concerned) as, (All items are as is, all sales are final, no refunds/exchanges or credits, and will refer all disputes to the Seller who agrees to resolve any disputes with a high level of customer service.

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